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Atelier brings together artists who share a common passion for art, as well as persons who wish to spend time together, in a private setting, to exchange ideas about life in general, and to help each other when the need arises; but most of all, to achieve their common goals in life. It is a sort of a family life.

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Marcin Zalewski

Marcin Zalewski

sculptor, painter, set designer, graphic artist

Born in 1978 in Warsaw, Poland. Sculptor, painter, set designer, graphic artist.
He studied at Kenar`s Art secondary school in Zakopane. In 2004 he graduated from the faculty of Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He has taken part in numerous of open-air workshops in Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Participates in exhibitions since 2003:
Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Greece, USA, UK, for instance.

Kasia Kossowska

Kasia Kossowska

painter, graphic artist

Born in 1981 in Zakopane, Poland. Painter, furniture maker, graphic artist.
She studied at Kenar`s Art secondary school in Zakopane. In 2007 she graduated from the faculty of History at the Jagellonian University of Krakow.

Tom Mazgaj

Tom Mazgaj


Freelance Photographer living on the Isle Of Wight. He specialises in beauty, fashion, portrait and underwater photography. He has degree in dentistry but the camera has been his companion since childhood. Self-taught and editing the photographs himself, he has gained his experience either by attending various photographic events or by being an assistant to renown artists.




To produce the tile, we use a well-mixed clay, press it down tothe desired thickness, and cut it to the target shape. Each tile is subject to retouching and delivered to the drying area. A few days later, it is heated at a temperature of 950 ° C. To achieve the tile bisque ready to be glazed, the next step is to apply the desired colour enamel and once again undergo the activities of high temperatures, this time it’s at 1050 - 1180 °C.

Our handmade ceramic tiles are unique.
They are waterproof, you can wash them with ordinary detergents, which are used on any glaze.
They are usually used indoors, they are not frost resistant.
They are sold in modules 35 cm/30 cm, 50 cm/50 cm, and individually.
They’re not recommended to be cut - possible damage can be caused to the glaze layer.
Mounting onto the wall with the classic tile adhesive, the slots are filled with grout.

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